The IMPRS-RECHARGE covers a very broad range of topics ranging from close-to-industrial chemistry to all forms of catalysis (heterogeneous, homogeneous and biological) to fundamental questions in theoretical chemistry.

Read about our faculty members and their science, find out who our fellows and alumni are, and learn as well about the doctoral research projects and publications within the IMPRS-RECHARGE.


The conference, “Exploring Reactivity with Spectroscopy” (ExpReS 2021), which was organised by students of the IMPRS-RECHARGE program, was held in an…

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Anna Ulpe, doctoral student at Mulliken Center for Theoretical Chemistry (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn) under the supervision of…

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Rebeca Gomez Castillo, doctoral student in the group 'Inorganic Spectroscopy' under the supervision of Prof. Serena DeBeer (MPI CEC) successfully…

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