Stanislav Musikhin is back from his research year in Canada

"What is Canada without maple trees? The scenic bench on my everyday walk to campus (Waterloo)."

Report from Stanislav Musikhin:

My Canadian experience was very positive. I had a chance to learn from and work with the brightest peers at the University of Waterloo and the National Research Council of Canada, which is the Canadian analogue of the Max Planck Institute Society.
There were many things that pleasantly surprised me during my stay, one of which was the feeling of equity on the campus. Graduate students and Professors are considered equals. More than that, on the Engineering Day students get a chance to make Professors fall in a bucket of water during one of the contests. I could not miss such an opportunity with my Professor! As Canadians would say: "It's nice, eh?"

Overall, a Canadian University and Canada in general, is the place where you see how people with different backgrounds can successfully live and work together, and how such an international environment enriches the science. I am grateful to have an opportunity to work at the University of Waterloo and the National Research Council of Canada during my PhD years and hope that Germany-Canada research collaboration will grow even bigger because it definitely made me grow.

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