Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I have to send my application?
    > Applications can only be submitted via the online application portal on the IMPRS-RECHARGE homepage.

  • When is the last date of application submission for the PhD position offered?
    > Applications are accepted all year round.

  • I have successfully completed the application form but I am unable to submit the form.
    Each time I submit, I will receive an error message.
    > Maybe there is a problem with your uploaded documents. MAC users’ pdf files should end with .pdf

  • Do my referees have to send recommendation letters or have I just to list their names in the application?
    > The referees will be contacted automatically

  • One of my referees sent the recommendation letter but I have not received any confirmation letter from you. I wonder if you have received the letter or not?
    > Confirmation letters will be sent out to the applicant upon submission of the reference; most likely the reference has not been submitted yet.

  • How many days after submitting the application will my Professor whose email I provided in my application receive an email from you?
    > The professors will receive an email from us on the day of your application.

  • What if my professor forgets to respond to your email, do I get an email to remind him?
    > No. But as soon as a professor has submitted a reference, you will receive a notification that a reference has been submitted.

  • Can the references be engineering managers/directors at work rather than professors?
    > Yes, this is possible.

  • What about the host supervisor? Does the program need host supervisor?
    > You may state up to three preferred research groups out of the IMPRS-RECHARGE members. Possible choices will be shown during the online application process.

  • Should I contact the professor of my preferred research group before submitting the application?
    > It is not necessary to contact a professor in advance to your application.

  • Can I find the research group for my PhD program by myself in Germany or will I join the groups you provide?
    > You can state your research group preference in the application form. Names of participating professors are given.

  • Do you need translated transcripts or other documents?
    > In case transcripts and other required document are not written in English or German, a translation of these documents will be necessary.

  • Do I need a proof of English proficiency when my mother tongue is English language and the mode of academic instruction is in English in all my programs?
    > English native speakers can apply to the program without a proof of English proficiency.

  • I am a Non-EU student and I do not have TOEFL, TSE or Cambridge certificate. Am I still eligible to apply for above mentioned program?
    > IMPRS-RECHARGE does not require a test of English language proficiency. We prefer to check communication skills during the interview. However, for international applicants whose mother-tongue is not English or German it could be beneficial for the application to provide some proof of language proficiency.

  • Will students receive a scholarship?
    > All students accepted to our 3-year-doctoral-program will receive a salary and not a scholarship.

  • Does the financial aid for the research include accommodation and tuition fee as well or only for research?
    > The financial aid is sufficient to cover the costs for housing, living and health care in Germany.

  • I don't have my Master diploma yet, but I will graduate in the near future. Should I submit some kind of paperwork in replacement?
    > An abstract of the Master's thesis and the names and contact details of the thesis’ supervisors are suitable for this.

  • I am currently finishing my master's degree, but I have no publications yet. Am I still eligible to apply for the doctoral program?
    > You may apply without publications.


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